Monday, February 21, 2011

New Blog, New Purpose


Thank you so much for stopping by.*wide grin*

Welcome to 'AGs'.

This blog was born in order to allow people who share the same faith in Jesus, help each other to grow in grace and in the Word of God. It's purpose is to provide a place of encouragement and lifting, while also giving everyone a chance to share their knowledge.

Its name was birth from John 8:23...."in the world, but not of this world". You should read it from The Message bible....its so amazing.

Yeah, so even though we live in this world we should not be conformed according to the ideas and concepts of this world. Our path has been charted for us by God sending his son to live amongst us, he became the template for our existence on earth. That's who we pattern our lives after!

I'll be updating really soon. Please subscribe to receive email notifications as soon as a new post is created.

I'll also be featuring other bloggers/writers from time to time.

Thanks again for stopping by mine....See you again real soon!!